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Baby Dreams

I dreamed that I was at a school, supervising how some children played in a series of tunnels. Some had small platforms, pulley systems, ladders (with rope and wood) built up and down the tunnels. The children seemed to have a great time in this new world.

There were five children acting as tunnel monitors or something like that. They could be seen because they wore special white bags over them (looked like trash bags to me). They tore holes in them for their eyes and mouth, not sure why they forgot the nose. One child forget, he was new. So, they helped him.

They led me around the tunnels. We passed a little boy. He seems to be just laying there. I couldn't tell his age. The other children wouldn't stop for me, so I could check. I couldn't leave him there. I told them to go on.

I went up to the boy and asked him if he was ok. I asked several times. I put my hand on his shoulder and he crawled away to another area of the tunnels that I never seen. I followed him, wondering why he was crawling. We entered a large area. It had two standing closets, a tv, radio, a crib with blankets and everything. It was a baby's room!

The little boy managed to get himself in the crib. I walked over and looked down. He was a baby! How he managed to do what he did, I don't know! It was a precious little boy. He had pretty hazel eyes and strawberry blond hair. He looked about 4 months old already. He held out his hands to me and I picked him up. I knew this child would be mine. I held him in my arms. I softly talked to him, made sure he was warm, bathed, dressed in clean clothes and a diaper. I could feel my breasts swell with milk and breast fed him. I talked to him about finding daddy and going to get more supplies.

I took him home. Daddy was there, kissed his forehead, picked him up and cradled him..

and I woke.

It's been fun..

Strange things are happening..

I had an all too realistic dream about Jim. It's made him sad for a few days now. I hate that. I do my best to make him smile. That worked tonight, hehe. I know his weakness... cookies and ice cream, LOL!

Lynxie is pissing me off more and more. I don't think I will be working at IR much more. SB is still letting her walk. All over him and getting her way. Now, if I even here any. Damn thing about having to be on Second Life more than Friday.. I'm done. I am there even more than that, but I can't be there every night and be active. I have things to do. They are lucky I am tuned in! I can't even have the freaking shifts I want because of lil miss bitch. They are available, but it interfers with her monitoring times. Big fucking deal.

Wolf and I are still doing well.. I don't know if he and I will ever love each other. We seem to be comfy as we are. It works.

I am prolly moving to my brother's house.. we'll see .. either there or my moms.

I'm tired.. Night!


It wasn't Ajay! It was Vinny! That's why it bothered me so damn much. I found him. Now, I just need his email address. I can, at least, catch up with him and have my good friend back, right?

Ow ow ow ow!

I went out with sis today to do some shopping...bad idea..made the headache turn into a migraine within minutes! Ugh! Going to try and rest now.

Doctor Who...

Ok.. I must be bored silly.. actually like watching Doctor Who.
Wolf got me started. I'm so tired right now.. I wish I was snuggling in bed with wolf..

My left eye is still being weird.. whee.. can't drive for 2-3 more weeks until it clears up. Such fun, lol.

Ok, need to try and sleep.. so tired.

Blood Patch

10am today!

Doctor Blodgett wants to see me tomorrow morning at 9a about my left eye.

In the hospital...

Ended up in ER this morning at 8a.. admitted for the day (or so I thought) for a caffeine IV drip.

They were going to do two.. only did one. I was too wired and jittery for another.. and it didn't help all that much.

I am now staying overnight to get a blood patch tomorrow.

I'm having vision trouble with my left eye (blurriness, double vision, and black snow splotches).. Fun!

What a day..

Today, I packed up to go back home. I was in such pain. I just wanted to get home. I went to my parents to drop off the dog and pick some stuff up. I tried to get Jeane to come home with me for a few days. She wouldn't go. I went back to sis' to get the dog food that was forgotten and ended up having my nephew Terry drive me back home.

I got more clothes and stuff and went back to sis' until Friday-ish. Her and Joey got into a fight :(

I'm getting tired now. Wolf DJ's for the first time in the morning, yay! 10am to 2p EST. I will be there for his entire show and to monitor. Whee!

I have to wake him at 8a. So, I need to get to sleep soon.


Smiles and Rainbows..

Little surprises..

Wolf showed his mom the necklace and pendants I sent him. She asked if this was something he wanted .. and he said yes, pretty much, yay! He got them yesterday.

He, also, passed on the motherly warning. Hehe. I would never intentionally hurt my wolf... no way in hell.

I finished chapter 1 of my story today, not posting it though. It has to stay between me and wolf :)

Today has been a very good day. Wolf called me about 3:30a and we spent nearly 11 hours talking and me watching him play games on Xfire. That was fun :)

Writer's Block: Paranormal activity

We've had screams heard outside and inside the house, doors slamming, what sounded like a pane of glass breaking in the basement (no glass there), black shadows, flickering lights (in one room only at a time), lights burning out quickly, people getting asthma attacks, people feeling cold, cats staring at nothing and one bitches at something, dog growling and barking at nothing.. 

We know one previous owner died here, one was murdered somewhere else - by the previous neighbor, and this area was Indian area/land at one time.

The ghosts only seem to mess with new people now. It's amusing.
Tell us a ghost or supernatural encounter you’ve experienced.